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Shine can be found everywhere, but it is most prominently found on cars.

Auto Collision Repair

Carriage Body Shop offers top-tier auto collision repair services near you. Trust our skilled technicians for quality collision repair, ensuring your vehicle looks and performs flawlessly. Discover the best collision center near you for comprehensive collision services.

Auto Paint And Body Repair

Transform your vehicle with our expert auto paint and body repair services. Find the best body shop near you for impeccable auto body repair and painting. Visit us for top-notch car paint and body repair solutions.

Car Insurance

Explore reliable car insurance services with Carriage Body Shop. As a leading car insurance company, we offer affordable and comprehensive coverage. Discover the best car insurance near you, ensuring your vehicle and wallet are well-protected. Choose us for cheap car insurance options with quality service.

Car Restoration

Discover unparalleled car restoration services at Carriage Body Shop. As a leading car restoration shop, we specialize in transforming vehicles to their former glory. Explore the art of auto restoration with our skilled team. Your journey to a beautifully restored car begins here.

Rental Car Assistance

Carriage Body Shop provides efficient rental car assistance, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience while your vehicle is being serviced. Discover our convenient car rental services, offering affordable and reliable options. Choose Carriage Body Shop for the best in car rental assistance.

Suspension Work

Carriage Body Shop specializes in comprehensive suspension work and car suspension services. Our skilled mechanics provide top-notch suspension repairs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Explore the best suspension shops near you for reliable and affordable service.

Towing Service

Carriage Body Shop offers professional car towing services, ensuring prompt and affordable solutions. Our towing company is dedicated to providing reliable assistance, making us your go-to choice for local towing needs. Discover the convenience of affordable towing with Carriage Body Shop.

Factory Finish

Achieving a factory finish is our aim, and we do so by utilizing cutting-edge methods and supplies. This implies that your car keeps its long-term durability in addition to looking brand new.

Factory Finish

Achieving a factory finish is our aim, and we do so by utilizing cutting-edge methods and supplies. This implies that your car keeps its long-term durability in addition to looking brand new.

Auto Collision Repair

Comprehensive evaluation

We start our collision repair process by doing a thorough damage evaluation. We make sure nothing is missed by looking at both obvious and hidden problems.

Replacement Parts

High-quality replacement components are used by us to ensure the best repair possible. These components are obtained from reliable vendors and properly fit the specifications of your car.

Precision Painting

Following the structural restoration, painting is done. Utilizing sophisticated computerized color-matching tools, we guarantee a flawless integration with the original color of your car. Our aim is to achieve an impeccable visual repair.

Safety Standards

The most important thing is safety. While repairs are being performed, we make sure your car satisfies or surpasses safety regulations. This involves doing in-depth inspections to find and fix any possible safety issues.

Quality Control

Your car is put through a rigorous quality control inspection before being given back to you. Our professionals check that the repair satisfies our high standards by carefully inspecting every detail, including the alignment and paint finish.

Post-Repair Inspection

To make sure you are entirely satisfied with the repair work, we strongly advise you to take part in a post-repair inspection. Until you're content, we won't be.

Towing Services

Skilled Towing Crew

We have a skilled and knowledgeable towing crew. They know how important it is to handle things carefully so that your car is safe while being transported.

Advanced Towing Equipment

To accommodate a variety of cars, we employ advanced towing equipment such as wheel-lifts, dollies, and flatbed tow trucks. This apparatus guarantees safe and damage-free towing.

Quick Reaction

We get back to you as soon as possible when you contact us for towing. We are aware that in emergency situations, time is of the essence, thus we will work fast and effectively to reach you.

Safe Transport

We are steadfast in our commitment to safe towing. Meticulously fastened to our towing apparatus, your car is kept steady and undamaged throughout transportation.

Availability Around-the-Clock

Accidents and breakdowns don't keep regular hours, and neither do we. Our 24/7 towing services make sure you're never left stranded.

Damage Prevention

During the towing process, we take every safety measure to shield your car from further harm. We take great care to apply safety precautions and straps to guarantee a smooth ride to our facilities.

Rental Car Assistance

Easy Process

We have made the process of booking a rental automobile for you as simple as possible. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose a rental car that suits your needs.

Large Selection

We make sure you have options by providing a large selection of rental automobiles. We can provide you with a roomy SUV or a little car, depending on your needs.

Insurance Compatibility

The majority of insurance companies are compatible with our rental automobile service. We collaborate with your insurance provider to ensure a simple and easy transaction.

Maintenance and Safety

We make certain that the rental cars adhere to safety regulations and are kept in good condition. Our first goals are your happiness and safety.

Efficient Transition

Your daily activities will be minimally disrupted as the transition from your damaged vehicle to the rental automobile is done efficiently.


Professional Insurance Liaison

We have knowledgeable employees with experience managing insurance claims, including insurance experts. They act as a liaison between you and your insurance company, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process.

Help with Paperwork

We help you with the essential paperwork for your insurance claim. This comprises comprehensive approximations, images, and records that are necessary for a claim to be approved.

Open Communication

We make sure that all relevant information is sent as soon as possible by keeping open lines of communication with your insurance company.

Claims Negotiation

We bargain on your behalf to make sure you get just compensation for the repair or restoration of your car in the event of disagreements or inconsistencies.

Customer Advocacy

We put your needs and interests first. Throughout the insurance claims procedure, we represent your interests and make sure your rights are upheld.


Comprehensive Evaluation

We start by doing a comprehensive evaluation of your vintage vehicle to determine its historical value and distinctive qualities.

Restoration Plan

We create a thorough restoration plan based on the assessment. This plan will keep you updated at every stage and contains a timeframe and budget estimations.


Historical accuracy is very important to fans of old cars. In order to preserve the authenticity of your car, we take care to find period-appropriate parts and materials.

Skilled Craftsmanship

The members of our restoration team are proficient craftsmen who have restored vintage cars to like-new condition. They take great satisfaction in maintaining the classic cars' distinct beauty and allure.

Surface Restoration

The procedure entails careful surface restoration, which includes panel work, dent repair, and rust removal. We restore the original shine to the outside of your car.

Interior Renovation

The interiors of vintage vehicles are frequently pieces of art unto themselves. We have paid close attention to every detail during our renovation to make sure the interior retains its former grandeur.

Mechanical Restoration

There's more to restoring a vintage vehicle than meets the eye. We also give the mechanical parts a lot of care to make sure your car operates perfectly.

High-quality Paintwork

If the original paint has been affected, we can restore its visual attractiveness by matching your classic car's historical paint standards with our high-quality paintwork.

Final examination

To make sure that every last detail corresponds with the restoration plan, a comprehensive final examination is carried out.

Suspension Work

Diagnostic Evaluation

We start with a thorough diagnostic evaluation of the suspension system in your car. This includes a careful inspection of every part, including the struts and shock absorbers.

High-quality replacement parts

We use parts that are purchased from reliable vendors when suspension components need to be replaced. This guarantees the preservation of your car's best possible handling and safety.

Alignment and Adjustment

By performing accurate alignment and adjustment, our professionals make sure that the suspension parts of your car operate together harmoniously. This enhances ride comfort, handling, and stability.

Testing and Calibration

We carry out thorough testing and calibration following any replacement or modification to guarantee the suspension system performs faultlessly.

Safety Inspections

Security comes first. In order to make sure your car is safe to drive, we carry out comprehensive safety inspections to find and fix any possible issues.


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